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HA Andrews: Who`s on What Side?
a review of Off Limits (1988)

The US Army has always wondered what side army CID is on so said Colonel Smokin` Joe Woodward to me many years ago. This film may answer good Colonel`s question. In Vietnam the USACIDC worked for the VC. Following string of prostitute murders, Buck McGriff (Willem Dafoe) and his partner Albaby Perkins (Gregory Hines) are on the case. The suspects are all high ranking officers. Everyone including the ARVN (Army of The Republic of South Vietnam) QC (South Vietnamese Military Police) stand in their way. Only a French nun Sister Nicole (Amanda Pays) is of grudging assistance.

Along the trail, they`re kidnapped by troops fiercely loyal to their Colonel, witness US war crimes called playing helicopters, and finally take a taxi to VC headquarters to consort with Charlie himself. Yet despite their many adventures the answer has always been staring them in the face.

Much of the film has been borrowed from WWII movies: In Vietnam with rotation and change over troops weren`t quite as loyal to each other, their commanders or their units as had been the case in previous wars. The sidestory of the love affair with the French nun comes straight from HEAVEN KNOWS MR ALLISON; in the 1960s catholic nuns regularly left the convent to marry.

Gregory Hines` character was about a decade before his time. The Army was late in placing Afro-Americans in the Military Police or in Criminal Investigation Command.

Yet despite these shortcomings the film is well played and highly recommended.

Raymond Gallucci:
Raymond Gallucci: Winning and Losing

Did he do it out of love
For a higher cause?
Something noble up above
Common human laws?

Was he Brutus trying to
Save Republic Rome
From Empire with its new
Caesar on the throne?

Can we know what Judas thought
When he Christ betrayed?
Any inkling what he`d wrought
With that silver paid?

Easy to condemn him now –
Victors history write.
Any chance he was in doubt
On that fateful night?


When celebrating victory
There`s no place rather be
Than on bandwagon vividly
Amid the revelry.

And so, a Fan of Weather Fair,
About no team to care,
Behaves as if belonging there –
His loyalty doubt? None dare.

But when that team was suffering
Through seasons void of ring,
"Devoted Fan" was hovering
At court of latest king.

For if the "Fan`s" a person whom
No matter ribbon blue
Is given to he`ll root for you,
If never languish through

Rebuilding where the losses mount
Or injuries abound.
Then nowhere can this Fan be found,
For only winning counts.

(Based on the National Geographic Channel special miniseries "The Hot Zone")

The end of the world
To come via "nuclear winter."
The "Big One" to wreck,
Destruction unfurled,
Humanity scorched to a cinder.

For few who survive
The sun is obscured,
Long famine and freezing will linger.
So barely alive,
How long can endure?
Man`s future put through final ringer.

But how likely be
This nuclear end
Compared to a deadlier killer?
For now can foresee
More frightening a trend
To throw human future off kilter.

Pandemic attacks,
Ebola and such,
From life forms that couldn`t be simpler.
A virus that wracks
Extinction by touch.
We end not with bang but a whimper.

Pierce Martin: Moderate Islam

Islam is in truth concerned with global domination. And this kind of atrocity will happen again, and again, and become normal. America and the world wake up to Islam it has nothing to offer only death. The ideology cannot be reformed. There are good and brave Muslims but only a handful.

After the death of General Gordon at Khartoum in the Sudan in the late 1880`s Prime Minister Gladstone held up the Qur`an in the Commons and declared that " As long as this book is read there will never be peace in the world." Prescient words.

Raymond Gallucci: EYE TO EYE
(Based on the documentary "The Jewish Avengers")

It started in Ponar in year forty-one
When seventy thousand were killed by the gun –
The Vilnius Jews were by Nazis mowed down,
Who then forced a few to inter them in ground.

Once "Final Solution" to Vilnius came
In year forty-three, Abba Kovner proclaimed,
"We who have survived this, upon them must wreak
Revenge known as `Nakam` – no turning the cheek!"

So six million Germans would have to be killed
To even the score for the blood they had spilled.
Add sinister poison to water supply –
Men, women and children, like Jews did, would die.

But Kovner`s intentions by British were trumped –
Arrested at sea, so the poison he dumped.
Remaining Avengers thus turned to Plan B:
Gestapo imprisoned – their true enemy!

The kitchens of Nuremberg stalag accessed.
With arsenic prisoners` bread they caressed.
And though Allied captors admitted no deaths,
Was rumored at least hundred took their last breaths.

Nakams` lust for vengeance was finally spent.
To life new in Israel gratefully went.
While remnant know never can even the score,
Content with how Germans were crushed after war.


The planet was dying,
Pandemics amok.
The privileged were trying
For last bit of luck.

Their plan was constructing
A space station ark.
While world was destructing,
Up there would they park.

And they were successful –
Their ark soared aloft.
“We’re safe in our vessel!”
Then somebody coughed.


(“A looming disaster sparks a rescue mission")

Have we right to kill off species
Inconvenient to us?
Like mosquitos, maybe leeches,
Nuisances that disgust?

What about when for a profit –
Fish for medical sale
On the oriental market
If vaquita, a whale

On the threshold of extinction,
Is collaterally
Damaged when there’s no distinction


The UFOs are real,
But no one will reveal
What’s really going on.
Declare all claims are wrong.

Balloons or flocks of birds,
Excuses so absurd
No one is buying in,
Yet doesn’t stop the spin.

The governments are scared.
They fear we’ve been cross-haired
By something so advanced
We wouldn’t stand a chance

If they decided to
Display what they could do.
So far it’s been our luck
Worst done they’ve is abduct.

Hope friendly’s their intent,
Or neutral just their bent.
But futile to deny
That they command the sky.

So laugh at Roswell Crash
As mere “ballooney” trash.
The blindness is so sad,
But governments are glad.

Pierce Martin: THE WOKE MIND

Wokies with all their hang - American's - heads - in - shame rhetoric are simply wrong about History. George Washington handed over his sword in 1783 to the civil authorities. An act that astounded the world. So the military would be pitted against whom? - the old enemy the Democrats. New America versus Old-America. The drum beat of war is depressing. If only every American could accept that they are American and not what their ancestors were. An interesting point to finish on. Thomas Jefferson wanted to free the slaves and to put the clause in the Declaration of Independence. For argument sake let us assume slavery ended in 1776 effectively. It would have to have been accompanied by repatriation of Africans back to Africa. The founders of the Republic were afraid of racial confrontation. Had Jefferson been allowed to put in the anti-slavery clause one would have had two Americas during and after 1783. And the slave trade would have continued in the South - which the constitution stopped in 1787 - with more people being enslaved. Jefferson it seems wanted universal Liberty but like Washington, Franklin, Adams, Madison, Hamilton et al their hands were tied. So nearly all of the founding father's were in fact opposed to the instiution of slavery. But they were in a corner.

I honestly think the problem is deeper than simple error. The Woke mind is mentally ill, and afflicted with Anankastic Personality Disorder. This can be a mental illness first diagnosed in Austria in the 1900's.

Anankastic ( did you ever hear of it ) is an intense from of OCD. It is often found in radical politics where the aim is to create a utopia which leads to a dystopia.

Anankastic Personality Disorder is linked to Communism. But Anankastic exists as a condition in the psychological make up of millions of people and can be mild to moderate and even constructive.

But Woke is a more serious expression of it. These people are mentally ill as I said. And that in relation to Anankastic Personality Disorder is pretty rare..


Civil War April the 12th 1861. Now we have the sequel. May the 5th 2021. Zuckerberg has bitten off more than he will be able to chew. He hasn't just continued an illegal and immoral ban on a great former President Donald J. Trump, he has continued his outrageous attack on 74 million Americans. He will pay dearly for this. His Empire will collapse, his dream of a New America will be reduced to ashes. He has made his bed - and will lie in it.

Raymond Gallucci: THE FRENCH WAY
(Based on the French film “Non-Fiction”)

Must hand it to the French,
At least as films portray:
The husband has a wench
He cheats with by the day.

And not to be outdone,
The wife her gigolo.
She, too, should have some fun,
And likely they both know.

May seem a travesty
To audience U.S.,
But French say “C’est la vie.”
It causes no distress.

So when you spend the time
To watch a film from France,
Remember they define
Quite differently “Romance.”

(Written in reflection on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11)

From very beginning, when tragedy struck,
If Moon race we’re winning, knew needed some luck.
With Soviet Union already ahead,
There was no disputing – three astronauts dead.

Apollo’s first capsule, pure oxygen-filled
Became deadly trap due to fire that killed.
Though Russians had suffered from same flawed design,
No knowledge was proffered. Both nations flew blind.

The engineers back to the drawing board went,
Full knowing they had to design reinvent.
They rushed the new version since Russians had planned
A lunar excursion with Luna unmanned.

And while Luna crashed on the surface below,
Apollo Eight fashioned unique Christmas show.
No longer in doubt who would now win the race
Before year is out to save Kennedy’s face.

And so with Eleven we walked on the Moon.
But did piece of heaven we conquer too soon?
Now fifty years later, we’ve never gone back.
So what did we race for, just chance to talk smack?

Some say it was worth it, for knowledge we gained.
But others still curse it, politically framed.
No bother debating, for long in the past.
It’s Mars that’s now waiting. Let’s go there at last.



Napoleon Bonaparte was a modernizer, an able military tactical leader, but a poor diplomat, and only a fair to middling politician.

He should have ensured that Britain remain outside the European theater of war, but instead he made it almost impossible for Britain not to, enter European military affairs, and inadvertently brought the Third Coalition upon his head in 1805. Britain basically led it, but really should have stayed out of it.

Emmanuel Macron hasn't the balls Napoleon had ( walking into lampposts ) and omits the fact that ideally Napoleon did not want war with Britain and was concerned in truth with only French hegemony in mainland Europe. Napoleon was no monster, and had more wars declared against him, than he declared against his foes.

Britain however caught War-fever and kept on forcing the pace after 1805 against Napoleon. Not a greatly intelligent policy

So Napoleon does not belong to Britain, nor many other countries, in a universal sense. ~ PM


The French Generals presented Macron with an ultimatum: NO WOKIENESS or Cancel Culture in France. I've said it from the beginning. The guardians of the Republic are the military.


Emmanuel Macron has been heading in that direction since he became President of France. Rumor has it that Marine Le Pen had the lamppost relocated just for little Emmanuel. But she wouldn't do that - would she? " It was not I who put it there - honest." Marine Le Pen.

RAY GALLUCCI: LARGER THAN LIFE (Based on the documentary film “Pavarotti”)

Some opera tenors often
Grow larger than their lives
Till oversized their coffins
As were their vocal pipes.

Consider Pavarotti –
No voice was larger than.
Prolific in the body,
Career with global span.

Surrounded by his women –
Two wives, four daughters who
Accustomed selves to living
With all the ballyhoo.

So many sacrifices
Enabling his career.
His virtues and his vices
Endured so all could hear

A voice just like Caruso,
Reborn to give delight.
And as famed virtuoso
Forgiven any slight.

Don Maurer: The Teacher`s Apprentices

"In conclusion," Dr. Staff raised his voice to his university introductory geology class, "geologists estimate the age of the Earth at 4.7 billion years. Don`t forget to read the section on radiometric dating in your text." Some of the students exchanged smiles and light laughter.

"Did I say something funny?" Dr. Staff feigned indignantly. "Oh Yeah! Radiometric dating. The study of college hotties." The class groaned in unison at his lame malapropism still appreciating his spirit. "Any way. It won`t be so funny young heroes when you see a few questions dealing with radiometric dating on your next exam. Be prepared to determine the age of a rock with a given half-life for a hypothetical radioactive isotope and a given parent to stable daughter product." That should hold these rascals, Dr. Staff affectionately thought. "Before we begin our laboratory exercise are there any questions?" There were always a few students uncomfortable with the material questioning the religious implications of the Nebular Hypothesis, age of the Earth, and of course evolution. Tonight was no exception.

As if on cue: "Dr Staff. Doesn`t the Nebular Hypothesis and the age of the Earth conflict with Genesis 1 and 2 in the Bible?" a student firmly asked.
Staff paused gathering his thoughts. "The Nebular Hypothesis provides a plausible explanation for the formation of the solar system. Other hypotheses may be posed in the future. Since no one was there to record these events over 4 billion years ago, it remains just that - a hypothesis not a theory. Science`s best educated guest now." Staff paused again trying to gauge the effect of his words on the concerned student.

"To satisfy the requirements of this course you`re not obliged to believe the Nebular Hypothesis," he continued. "You do have to understand and be able to explain the process as part of the course. I have no desire or mandate to challenge or replace your conviction about the age of or creation of the Earth. Totally inappropriate to use my position as a bully pulpit to proselytize you in this regard. However, it is my job to present the prevailing models of scientific thought on these issues. If you like, we could discuss this further after class." Staff`s disclaimer and calm demeanor reassured the student his instructor wasn`t going to intrude on his personal beliefs. With this the issue was amicably resolved.

Several hours later two students Dave and Sara were kibitzing with the last group of students struggling to finish the laboratory exercise. Dave was generously and enthusiastically helping his classmates with their work. Staff quietly joined the group, monitoring the accuracy of Dave`s advice to his classmates.

Startled and slightly embarrassed at Staff`s presence, Dave smiled sheepishly. "I want to be a science teacher some day. Hope you don`t mind me helping them."
Staff warmly returned the smile. "Carry on Teach," he said. Staff then turned to Sara. "I hear you`re teaching biology at a local high school. How`s it going?"
"Fine Dr. Staff. I really enjoy it. We just finished five weeks on evolution. Could`ve done another five. I`m really fascinated with the topic. But it`s so demanding particularly dealing with student`s doubts and concerns."
"There are so many myths and misconceptions about science and scientists," Staff responded. "When I get to evolution, I sure generate some spirited discussion," Sara interjected. " Darwin really comes off as some kind of devil`s advocate."
"You`re right Sara," Staff replied. "The word evolution broadly means unfolding, process of development, change. The concept of organic evolution was long in the air before Darwin came on the scene. In fact several French naturalists Buffon, Lamarck, and Cuvier working with fossils and living organisms preceded Darwin with versions of their own, albeit no longer tenable today. Darwin `s grandfather Erasmus Darwin wrote a long complex poem that anticipated the direction Charles Darwin would take. Interestingly enough Darwin never used the word evolution in his first edition of The Origin of Species, although he used the verb evolved."

"Geologists Hutton, Playfair, and Lyell opened the door to a very old Earth. Hutton`s studies produced

The Law of Uniformitarianism: The present is the key to the past." Playfair became the great expositor of the concept and Lyell England `s geological giant became a great proponent. Lyell didn`t use the term evolution favoring a more neutral term transmutation. Darwin took a copy of Lyell`s geology book aboard the H.M.S. Beagle for his five year trip around the world. His notes clearly indicate Lyell`s influence on his thinking in regards to the age of the Earth."

"Many people are surprised to hear that Darwin studied for the ministry," Staff continued. "He was awaiting ordination when the opportunity to travel around the world presented itself. It is an interesting historical side note that an ordained minister and professor of Botany John Henslow strongly encouraged Darwin `s voyage.

The journey dramatically changed his life and coincidentally radically effected mankind`s concept of themselves. Even Maurer as his work matured, Darwin repeatedly expressed concern that his research carried him farther and farther away from the orthodoxy of the day concerning the age of the Earth and man`s progression through time. We know this from letters to his wife Emma." ****
"By the way. She was a staunch believer and practitioner in the Church of England. Very much aware that her husband`s work would cause great furor in religious circles. Although she was greatly concerned with the socio-religious implications, she always encouraged him to follow the dictates of his reason and conscience. What a marvelous wife and mother. She loved him to the tune of 10 children and still retained her intellectual and spiritual identity."
"I must admit, I didn`t know about Darwin `s training for the ministry and his personal malaise over the religious implications of his work," Sara exclaimed. "When I discuss Darwin , some students immediately refer to the Bible to refute or repudiate the central premise of evolution – biological change due to natural processes through great vistas of time."
"The Bible contains many interesting stories, historical clues, and beautiful and wise parables applicable to moral behavior," Staff replied. "Something we can all benefit from throughout our lives."

Sara pressed on hoping she wasn`t offending Dr. Staff. "For some of my students the religious implications of Darwinism are irreconcilable. According to them if evolution occurred from natural processes through enormous periods of time at what point was our species endowed with an immortal soul, even assuming one? They have been raised to believe that at conception a caring creator endows the developing embryo with a soul. How does this conform to Darwinism as science presently understands it? Natural process versus Maurer divine intervention. Natural process – no soul. Divine intervention with a soul. The choice is obvious to a traditional practitioner of western religion."
"Sara I can`t offer an easy answer to that very personal decision," Staff responded.
"In fact I`m very sympathetic to their point of view. I don`t discuss my commitment to Darwinism in their company. I have a number of friends who don`t subscribe to Darwinism.

If they wish to discuss the topic, I explain the basis for my position without proselytizing them. It would be an insult to their intelligence, if I tried to persuade mature people to my point of view. As important as the issue is, it would be counterproductive to risk my relationship with them by insisting they agree with me."
"Here`s an interesting statistic. Science Magazine cited a study of the public`s attitude about Darwinism from 33 European and American countries including Canada , Mexico , the U. S. and Japan . Based on the study the U. S. recorded the lowest percentage of acceptance for the concept. Present polls indicate that a slight majority (53-57%) of the U. S. population believe in special creation. This position currently emerges as Intelligent Design (ID)."
"In addition to religious implications, Darwinism manifests itself in the socio-politico arena. Legislation requiring ID receiving the same attention as Darwinism in teaching science. Legislation requiring text books to treat Darwinism as a "theory" and not a fact."
"But didn`t the judge in Dover Pennsylvania order local schools to remove references to ID from the science curriculum?" Sara firmly asked.
"And rightfully so in my opinion," Staff replied. "ID can be presented in a variety of curricula (theology, religion, sociology) and even as a topic in English composition. However, the Dover decision stated: "ID is not science and cannot be adjudged a valid, 5 Maurer accepted scientific theory. [It] is grounded in theology, not science. It has no place in a science curriculum."
"Advocates of ID have commonly engaged in a semantic argument when they`ve insisted that Darwinism is a theory and not a fact. Accordingly it should not be presented as factual information. ID advocates consider a theory as a shaky proposition perhaps as an unsupported opinion rather than one rigorously defined by the National Academy of Science. So! We should`ve dismissed Galileo`s heliocentric version of our solar system, Newton `s Universal Law of Gravitation, Einstein`s Theory of Special Relativity, science`s Plate Tectonics."
"Many hypotheses are posed. Relatively few hypotheses are accepted after extensive testing. Those few that survive become theories that are still subject to future rejection, if enough evidence accumulates against it. Nobel prizes have been awarded to scientists correcting or amending past noble laureates."
"Dr. Staff," Sara jumped in again, "don`t you think that after 150 years Darwinism has accrued sufficient evidence to support it?" Sara pushed on without waiting his answer.
"I mean even at my level of education the fossil record, the Genome Project, organic transplants, DNA studies, Rh factor in blood, drug resistance in bacteria all support Darwin `s Theory of Evolution."
"Just the tip of the iceberg Sara," he responded. "But in addition to religious and political implications Darwinism also has some economic considerations. For example, text books from a single publisher with different laws in different states may require support for Darwinism on one hand and equivocation and undermining on the other. These differences Maurer will contribute to associated production costs."

Staff continued. "Those states favoring equality in science instruction between ID and Darwinism and downgrading the latter will make it more difficult for students planning to enter professional schools for medicine, veterinary medicine and health care to cite a few. These students will be at a distinct disadvantage competing with students from accepted science protocols. Related to this graduate student recruitment to these states will be reduced causing a corresponding decline in revenue to the state and school. Couple this with increased difficulty of science faculty trying to successfully compete for federal funding with peers from other states practicing conventional science methodologies."

Staff paused a moment striking a dramatic pose. "When was the last time you sought medical treatment and the attending physician wasn`t trained in biology featuring evolution? To be intellectually honest perhaps ID supporters should only seek treatment from doctors and staff unschooled in Darwinism. I know I wouldn`t want my children and grandchildren treated by these people. With that slight majority of naysayers out there the waiting rooms of a very few doctors must be filled to overflowing."

Sara looked quizzically at Dr. Staff trying to determine whether this was a factitious comment. He smiled gently at her.

"Another incident validating Darwin `s character involved his interaction with a young naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace," Staff offered. "While Darwin was conducting various studies, gathering evidence for his contribution of natural selection as a mechanism to explain organic evolution, Wallace was coincidentally doing extensive field work in Indonesia . Darwin was very close to putting his findings into a monograph, when he received a lengthy Maurer letter from Wallace asking Darwin `s opinion and support for his Indonesian studies. Wallace had independently generated a theory of evolution remarkably close to Darwin `s"

" Darwin was devastated by this news. We know this from his letters and notes. He`d spent five years collecting material from around the world. The next twenty years were dedicated to compiling these data and conducting new studies developing his magnum opus and a young naturalist out of the blue steals his thunder. What should he do? What did he do?"

"Once again we know from his letters. He readily acknowledged how important priority of publishing was, but he would not or could not be a party to suppressing Wallace`s work to the proper scrutiny of the scientific community. He contacted two men from the scientific community, his mentor the ordained minister and professor of botany John Henslow and the biologist Thomas H. Huxley. He asked them to read both papers before the prestigious Linnean Society of London."

"Since Wallace was continuing his field work, he couldn`t attend the meeting. At first glance advantage Darwin . However, Darwin did not attend the meeting leaving Henslow and Huxley to independently read the respective papers. Although both papers were generally well received at least from the scientific community, Darwin `s massive accumulation of data and the support of several scientific stalwarts Huxley, Hooker, and Lyell won the day as the favored exposition of the concept. As a foot note Wallace later agreed with this assertion. The scientific revolution concerning the origin of species began that day still catalyzing vigorous debate pro and con today."

"I was aware of Wallace`s studies resembling Darwin `s findings," Sara said. Maurer
"Still I didn`t appreciate how close he was to upstaging Darwin `s work. Moreover, I`m pleased to hear that Darwin was an honorable man declining to withhold Wallace`s work."
"Under the circumstances the temptation to present his version of organic evolution as unique to the exclusion of Wallace`s version must have been considerable."

As an after thought she continued. " Darwin `s great dilemma was that he challenged the security and sanctity provided by man`s commitment to a caring creator. His unforgivable assault resided in the bestial image of a great ape staring at man`s visage. Although Darwin never made this claim." Staff did not respond to Sara`s pronouncement, but he was quietly impressed by her well expressed opinion.

As the last student group finished their work Dave joined Sara and Staff. "I overheard some of your conversation," Dave said. … "I really like science. Its structure. Discipline. Precision. Accuracy. Logic. Challenging questions. The opportunity to obtain useful information and to apply it to human welfare and productivity. I honestly don`t know how to resolve religion with science." "On one hand I was raised and educated in a family with strong religious convictions to a caring creator concerned with our immortal souls. On the other hand I can`t easily dismiss the volume of information supporting Darwin `s theory."
"What I`m concerned about," he continued, "if I become a science teacher how impartial or biased will I be presenting similar material? I understand the basis for excluding ID from science curricula. Still If I taught in another discipline (theology, religion, sociology), I would correspondingly feel obliged to treat and discuss ID and its history with Darwinism."

Dave furrowed his brow. "Notwithstanding your reserved view of the Bible Dr. Maurer Staff, I`ve a friend who`s a scholar of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other older documents. He tells me that other scholars also consider it a very accurate translation of the oldest versions of the Bible. I can`t help but notice that you concur with Darwin `s work yet you never insist on the moral high ground or denigrate the opposing position. I think that`s cool."
"Dave. Regardless of our respective positions, if nothing else I hope we can agree that Darwin `s Theory of Evolution has strongly influenced the culture of civilization over a century and a half. We still see its ramifications in the interesting debates of the day."

Staff mused for a few moments: "As far as I can determine Sara`s found her own direction in the matter. Dave`s still a work in progress. He wants to be a science teacher. He believes he has to resolve the science-religion debate for his own peace of mind. It isn`t my role to press him to defend a premature opinion on such an important matter."

As if reading Staff`s mind Dave offered. "I really have to do more reading and thinking about the matter before taking a position. In fact I`d advise anyone to examine the situation, seek input from other informed persons and resources, and then decide for themselves. What do you think Dr. Staff?"

Staff was extremely pleased that Dave had independently expressed the most responsible advice he might have offered. In no way did Staff want to intrude on Dave`s personal quest. "Yes Dave that would be good advice." What a lesson from the teacher`s apprentices.

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